In Mãori tanga there are many, many, Atua, from the parents, Papa-tu-ã-nuku the Earth Mother and Rangi-nui the Sky Father, to all their children including Tãne-mahuta - Atua of the Forests,  Humans and Birds, Tangaroa - Atua of the Ocean, Hine-nui-i-te-po – Goddess of the Night, Tãwhiri-mãtea - Atua of the Winds, Hine-raukatauri – Goddess of Music, to name a few. There are at least 70 main Gods and many Demi-Gods and Deities, which depends on where you live. All the Atua have their powers, personalities, stories and teachings. If we are lucky to be guided by family, friends, or elders who can pass on such knowledge, the stories of each Atua become our taonga (ancestral gifts) to adorn our Souls with mana (prestige and power) so we can walk with consciousness and with tools for our journeys ahead. This is why I am so passionate that indigenous teachings from around the world are honoured and taught in schools - or ‘assimilated’ into the education systems.

Through many trials and tribulations I have called upon my Tupuna (Ancestors) and Atua to guide me and be there for me, so there is no doubt in my mind that they exist. For example, I once went through a very hard time when I was living in Melbourne. It was 3am. I had been up all night. I was so down and depressed. On my wall in my bedroom was a Mãori painting I had of the Mother of the Pleiades. With all my being I did my Karakia (prayer)… I desperately told her “I don’t want to live in this world unless you really exist! I can’t be here unless I know that you are real and here to guide me… please show me that you exist, a sign, anything…!”. The next morning at work I noticed a big package in the mail. When I finally started opening it, it made me literally jump out of my skin! Inside was a book entitled “The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades – Stories from around the World” written by Munya Andrews, a Bardi woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia! I sat there stunned and profusely thanking Matariki for answering my Karakia as tears of absolute joy rolled down my cheeks.

That night, I randomly opened the book to a page, which was all about my Iwi (tribe) “Ngati Maniapoto” and our Waka (canoe) “Tainui”. The front of our Waka is called Matariki and the story I had opened to was all about our people and our relationship to Matariki. I felt so blessed! So honoured to have my Karakia answered!

From that day on I have never asked for proof from any of our Atua again. The next morning I gaily trotted off to see Munya Andrews at her book launch. As soon as we saw each other we hugged, cried, and then cried some more. She told me many stories of life with her nanny in the outback learning all about the Seven Sisters and how she had come to write the book and all the stories from around the world that further validated my belief in Matariki.

Since following the guidance, teachings and healings of the Atua, my Tupuna, and with the gift of Music, I have travelled around the world, connecting with indigenous elders, brothers and sisters everywhere whose traditional stories and beliefs are just as powerful, beautiful and alive as my own. We all have access to Atuatanga, angels, or any other spiritual beings. All we have to do is ask for guidance and help - then the real journey begins … the greater the self-healing, the greater the miracles and magic, the greater the adventure, the greater the experience, and the greater the joy and happiness… This is what I have learnt.

Tuhia ki te rangi, Tuhia kit e whenua, Tuhia kit e ngakau o nga tangata, Ko te mea nui,

Ko te aroha, Tihei Mauri Ora!

Write it in the sky, write it in the land, write it in the heart of the people,

the greatest thing is love. Behold there is Life!


Mihirangi will be our guide throughout our Journey, as well as our hostess in her lineage marae at Maniaroa. A magickal experience dreaming with the Ancestors.


An optional exhilirating experience — to jump or watch, over the glorious Waikato River. Always a range of physical activities to suit all levels of fitness.


During our Journey we will have the opportunity to experience the power of the Ancestral lineages of Aotearoa as living breathing spaces and experiences.


Makuini is orchestrating our traditional Powhiri — welcoming ceremony for our blessing and safe travels on our Journey. An experience you will never forget!

Be touched and inspired by Maori wisdom and experience ceremonial opportunities of a lifetime.

Join us for a journey through Maori land and dreamscapes, the magical worlds of Aotearoa.
February in New Zealand is SUMMER. Enjoy the glorious lush green ancient rain forests, pristine waters, wild west coast beaches, volcanoes.

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Creating Your Paddle

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More info coming soon • We know that we need to actively dream our life as determiners of energy in the 5th world

Tuhia ki te rangi, Tuhia kit e whenua, Tuhia kit e ngakau o nga tangata, Ko te mea nui, Ko te aroha, Tihei Mauri Ora!

Write it in the sky, write it in the land, write it in the heart of the people, the greatest thing is love. Behold there is Life!

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