March 18 - April 7, 2018 • new videos & details coming soon . . . .

Hirini Reedy

MIHIRANGI is our Maori guide. Mihirangi says — "Born in Aotearoa (NZ), the most precious gift I had as a child, was an intense love of nature, of Io (the Divine Supreme) and the many Mãori Atua (Gods & Deities). It helped me so much knowing that there was a different world that existed that was beautiful, mysterious, magical and joyful."

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DEPART 10 am from Auckland Hotel Saturday April 7

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We added extra time at MANIAROA MARAE & also in the magical PUREORA FOREST

Mukee Okan is a Sweet Medicine SunDance teacher and loves to share what works. Originally from Australia, Mukee lived in NZ for about 8 years including a few years in the Yoga Ashram at Lake Whangape. She is an artist and loves the Dream Shield Journey as a great combination of ceremony, creativity and adventure.

Our ceremonial focus is connected to our Spirit Canoe.

We will be connecting with our own spirit energy mind bodies in order to be part of the new Human World. We will visit many beautiful power spots of this land and push our edges with adventures that align us with the raw forces of nature. Our Spirit Canoe Vision Quest will embody the staffs of power that moves us forward on our journey in the Stream of Livingness, our soul’s evolution.

Two Journeys for the Price of One • 2018 Journey

We invite you to join us on 2 outstanding journeys  that are happening simultaneously.
A super deal impossible to resist.

In the Tonal Part of our Journey, our 3rd Dimensional Reality, we will enjoy an early warm summer exploring some of the absolute highlights of the North Island of Aoteoroa, the Maori name for New Zealand. We will enjoy the warm welcome and deep wisdom of our Maori guides, friends and teachers.
As we meet their ancestors in stories, songs and Maraes - tribal meeting spaces where we will be allowed to dream as part of the family.
The Nagual Part of the Journey is dedicated to a very special powerful ceremony.

The Spirit Canoe Vision Quest.

 The Twisted Hair Sweet Medicine SunDance Tradition as part of the SW – Dream Power is very much focused on the interaction of 5th dimensional ‘dreaming’ and the actualization in the 3rd dimension.

* How can we seed our Dream in the As Above and harvest the result in our everyday 3rd dimensional reality?
* How can we align ourselves with our Higher Self and our highest Assemblage Stations and actualize from there our true Soul Intent?
Our life is the reflection of our Imagination and Dream Power. If we do not have a dream that propels us forwards we will lose our evolutionary momentum, our Value to the Everything and reduce ourselves to a mediocre existence.
We know that we need to actively dream our life as determiners of energy in the 5th world.

See the full itinerary and the scope of our Spirit Canoe Journey.

Align with the Raw Forces of Nature

Batty speaks about our ceremonial focus. More details here.

Ceremonial Medicine Journey • Aotearoa
2018 • March 18  — April 7

Made during our 2012 Ceremonial Medicine Journey . . .

 Batty ThunderBear is a Medicine Teacher in the ancient Twisted Hairs tradition. He enjoys sharing his love for the wonders of life and for knowledge that works in seminars and adventurous ceremonial journeys worldwide. Batty has over 27 years experience as a teacher of Shamanic Healing Techniques and Ceremonial Alchemy.

Join our journey • with Batty ThunderBear, Mukee Okan & MIHIRANGI

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